THE HUNTED HUNTER (1997) short review


Yuen Biao’s last lead role on the big screen before he retreated to supporting parts and TV, Ricky Lau’s The Hunted Hunter is a cheap, limp semi-remake of The Fugitive, set in the Philippines with Yuen as the titular wrongly accused man on the run (here a chief of security accused of murdering a woman in the building he supervises), Zhang Fenyi as the dogged cop on his trail (along with Filipino help from Roi Vinzon and Karen Timbol), and Jessica Hsuan Hester as his wife who has the key to proving his innocence. Jerry Lamb, Chung Fat and a ponytailed Wu Ma also feature. The plot, in which it should be noted the hunted is not a hunter at all, is a toxic mix of convoluted and vague, and while Zhang Fenyi at least tries to look like he’s invested, Yuen Biao gives a lifeless performance, a very unusual sight indeed. Worse : in a numbingly stupid artistic choice, some action scenes which could have been fairly exciting are shot in a blurry semi-slow motion that annihilates any excitement or impact. When shot normally the action is serviceable, with a watchable fighting finale the only competent moment in a slightly depressing film. *1/2

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